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Chris Marlborough is a class action attorney representing workers seeking wages owed to them by their employers. 

Chris fights against illegal corporate wage theft practices in both the courtroom and the media. 

Please direct all media inquiries to or call (212) 991-8960.

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News Coverage of the Buffalo Bills Cheerleaders Class Action

Class Certification Order Affirmed on Appeal

Buffalo News October 2017 Appellate Court Upholds Buffalo Jills' Right to Pursue Lawsuit Against Bills, NFL by Melinda Miller

The Cheerleaders' Fair Pay Act, Proposed Legislation Inspired by the Buffalo Jills' Wage Theft Lawsuits

Buffalo Jills Bill

WNYC The Brian Lehrer Show: Cheering on NFL Teams for Less Than Minimum Wage

CNN: Law Would Force Pro Teams To Pay Cheerleaders by Chris Isidore

NY Daily News: State Lawmaker Wants New York Sports Teams To Pay Fair Wages To Cheerleaders  by Kenneth Lovett

Buffalo News: Seeking A Law So Jills Can Get A Basic Right  by Denise Jewell Gee

WGRZ TV News: Buffalo Jills Lawsuit Inspires New Bill In Albany 

WHEC Rochester, NY: 'Cheerleaders' Fair Pay Act' Being Considered In Albany After Buffalo Jills Lawsuit

Albany Times Union: Bill Would Extend Labor Benefits to Pro Cheerleaqders  by Matthew Hamilton

Capital Nw York: Assemblywoman to introduce ‘Cheerleaders’ Fair Pay Act'  by Laura Nahmias

WKBW Eyewitness News: Buffalo Jills Lawsuit Prompts New Bill  by Joanna Pascer

Buffalo Jills Screenshot Channel 2 News

WGRZ-TV 2 News: Judge Denies NFL's Motion To Dismiss Jills Lawsuit  

NY Times: Buffalo Bills Cheerleaders’ Routine: No Wages and No Respect  by Michael Powell The Economics of NFL Cheerleaders: What Are They Worth? by Ira Boudway

Business Insider: NFL Commissioner Says He Knows Nothing About Cheerleader Pay by Josh Eidelson

Business Insider: Subpoena Could Drag the NFL Into Cheerleader Wage Theft Cases by Josh Eidelson

Business Insider: NFL Cheerleaders Got An Early Advantage In Their Lawsuit Against The Buffalo Bills by Allan Smith  Tanning, Gym and Surgery, Ex-Cheerleader Unloads to Salon  by Josh Eidelson

Buffalo News:  Jills Management Blames Bills For Lack Of Support In Face of Lawsuit  By James Staas

HBO Real Sports:  NFL Cheerleaders with Andrea Kremer


News Coverage of the Memon Doria Discount Stores Lawsuit

NY Daily News: Workers at Dollar Store Chain Claim to have Endured ‘Sweatshop Wages and Conditions’ in $2M lawsuit by Keldy Ortiz and Stephen Rex Brown

 Bergen Discount owner Michael Memon, 70, says Laguna is 'a criminal.'



News Coverage of the Call-A-Head Class Action Wage Theft Lawsuit

NY Daily News: City’s Top Porta-Potty Company Allegedly Treats Workers Like #2, Fails To Pay For Overtime by Stephen Rex Brown

Call A Head3



News Coverage of the 2 Bros Pizza Class Action Wage Theft Lawsuit

Pizza Snob Image

photo courtesy of

WPIX-TV: Workers File Lawsuit Against Popular Chain 2 Bros. Pizza by Ann Mercagliano

NY Daily News:  Workers File Class Action Lawsuit Against 2 Bros. Pizza, Say They Earned Less Than Minimum Wage And Weren't Paid Their Overtime by Stephen Rex Brown and Dareh Gregorian

AM New York: 2 Bros. Pizza Accused Of Building 'Dollar Pizza Empire' On Backs Of Workers by Christian Salazar

Gothamist: Underpaid Workers Sue 2 Bros Pizza For Millions In Backpay by Emma Whitford

Refinery29: Your $1 Pizza Slice May Be Costing Someone Else A Lot More by Nina Wolpow


News Coverage of the Oheka Castle Workers Class Action Wage Theft Lawsuit

New York Daily News: Gary Melius Sued By Former Server At Oheka Castle Back For Back Pay  by John Marzulli

New York Newsday:  Former Oheka Castle Bartender Files Suit Against Gay Melius  by Carrie Mason Draffen

New York Magaziine:  Meet Gary Melius, The Long Island Power Broker  by Joe Coscarelli  Not a Good Week For A Modern Gatsby  by Nick Divito


Insider Exclusive: Season One, Episode 11.  The Global Vision Avacor Fraud 

As an associate at his former law firm, Chris was featured on the Insider Exclusive program as part of the "tenacious and relentless" team of lawyers who obtained a $50 million judgment on behalf of all Califonia purchasers of Avacor, a phony hair restoration product. 

Insider Exclusive

"I have a message for those employers who break this nation's labor laws and prey on vulnerable workers: It ends today."

 - Hilda Solis, United States Secretary of Labor (2009-2013)

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We have the experience, passion and commitment that it takes to litigate complex wage theft cases and consumer class action casesbr.

We concentrate our practice on class actions and seek recovery for as many workers as possible.

We accept most of our cases on a contingency fee basis, which means that you will not be required to pay anything unless your case is successful.

Meet The Team

Christopher Marlborough has been litigating class action cases since 2007. He is a former Chair of the Labor and Employment Committee of the Nassau County Bar Association.

Jennifer Marlborough is a seasoned attorney with more than 14 years of litigation experience.

Chris founded the Marlborough Law Firm in 2013 to continue his fight against corporate wage theft and consumer fraud practices. 


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