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Friday, 01 January 2021 17:33

New York Rings in 2020 with Minimum Wage Increases

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New York's minimum wage just increased in many parts of New York State. The latest in a series of annual minimum wage hikes took effect Dec. 31, 2020.  The minimum wage in New York differs based on the county in which the work is performed. Here are the minimum wages in New York for 2021.



Westchester and Long Island

Upstate New York

General Workers




Fast Food Workers*




Tipped Food Service Workers**




Hospitality Tipped Workers





*State law defines fast-food establishments as any chain with at least 30 locations nationwide where customers have to order and pay for their food before they consume it. The fast food worker minimum wage will increase to $15.00 statewide on July 1, 2021.

**For tipped workers, their combined tips and cash wages must be equal to or greater than the full minimum wage for their region.

The new law also eliminated the tipped wage for workers "miscellaneous workers" including nail salons workers, car wash workers, doormen, skycaps valets and hair dressers. Those workers must now be paid the full cash minimum wage even if they also receive tips.

In additon, the minimum salary requirement necessary for executive and administrative employees to be exempt from overtime pay rules has increased for most regions. The minimum salary requirement for employees in New York City remains at $1,125 per week. The threshold increased for workers on Long Island and Westchester from $975 per week to $1,050 per week. The threshold increased for upstate workers from $885 per week to $937.50 per week.   





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"I have a message for those employers who break this nation's labor laws and prey on vulnerable workers: It ends today."

 - Hilda Solis, United States Secretary of Labor (2009-2013)

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